Because You Are Not a Machine, This Is the Best Reason You Don't Need to Work Too Hard

Because You Are Not a Machine, This Is the Best Reason You Don't Need to Work Too Hard

Life really needs the name of hard work. Through hard work, we can get everything we want.

Hard work is indeed a good thing, but if you are too hard you will only hurt yourself, you are not a machine that can work without stopping. Because every human being has their own limits. This is why you shouldn't need to work too hard.

Realized or Not, Working Hours Are Too Long to Reduce Your Productivity

A study conducted by the United States Military found that someone who worked more than 8 hours a day would have a potential lack of sleep. This lack of sleep will have an impact on reduced awareness, learning ability, and thinking. So don't you think working longer hours you can still be productive instead. The body needs rest, so rest enough so that work productivity can remain optimal and the results are satisfactory.

Work Exceeds Working Hours Does Not Guarantee You Rise Position

Many think, working more than the specified time will get a good value in the eyes of superiors. When the boss has considered the performance of an employee to be good, then the opportunity for promotion is quick to come. But, in fact, this is not always the case.

It's true, you look more diligent than other employees. You deliberately go home longer than other employees and do more work than other employees. But leaders will not promote someone just because of that.

The leader will consider the results of the employee's work based on how efficiently he works. If there are other employees who can do the same quality work with you but he never takes overtime, of course, the boss will prefer the employee. Why? In addition to not having to pay overtime, such employees are considered good because they can manage time better, which is why he does not need to be overburdened every day. The employee also knows the portion of his work so he doesn't need to do all the excessive work.

Remember, your health must also take precedence

You might be a type who often works too hard so forgets when it's time to rest or have fun. You often forget your health because it deifies work. Your body has boundaries that you cannot force to use continuously. There are times when you have to rest to refresh your body. Like a PC, the body must be shut down when the RAM has started to slow down.

Working Longer Than Working Hours Will Not Make You Look Great

The harder you work, you will get more praise. If your mind is like that, you are wrong. Your actions will only make people think, you are just someone who is willing to do anything because you can never say "NO". Don't blame other people, if they consider you only as a "slave worker" because they continue to accept endless work.

Warren Buffet once said, "The difference between a person who is successful and someone who is truly successful is when he says 'No' to almost anything."

Imposing Yourself Continuously Working to Disrupt Socialization

People who consider themselves a "workaholic" are often anti-social towards their surroundings. They do not know how it feels to relax for a moment because they think that their work is something that must be prioritized. This type of person is easily shunned by co-workers because he always isolates himself at the desk even at lunch.

Your actions like that will not make others proud of you, instead, they think you are annoying because they are not friendly. Coworkers will hate you every time they offer to have lunch with you always refuse.

You Just Wasted Your Time Doing Something That Is Not Your Job

For the sake of looking good in your boss's eyes, you accept tasks that don't even match your job's desc. You do work that is not your expertise, so you need a long time to finish it.

Instead of looking good, you just look like a messenger is nothing more than a subordinate who has no value. If you want to be more valued, show the best results according to what you have. The leader will judge your performance well if you are able to show results that are in accordance with his wishes in the field you are working on.

Your Energy Will Run Out Faster So You Will Feel Fatigue Every Day

You push yourself so much that the energy in your body runs out quickly. Your energy runs out before you have time to finish your work. You are forced to overtime for the completion of work. The cycle occurs repeatedly so you will get tired easily every day. You cannot avoid if you have to lie in a hospital every week.

Enjoy a moment of leisure. Work can still be done as long as you are still breathing and have enough energy. Don't overly pursue worldly things. Life isn't just in front of a laptop. Every now and then you use the time that is still there for a vacation to fulfill the beauty of God's creation.

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