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Blog Journalism - Tips for Writing on Blogs like a Journalist

I have discussed blog journalism (blog journalism) before posting " Considering Blog Journalism ".

I have also shared the journalism about this blog in Kompasiana, "blog as long as there is" which rarely is updated :)

This time I want to reinforce the notion of blogs while sharing tips on writing on a journalist-style blog. That is, making posts on blogs in the form of journalistic works like the writing of professional journalists in the mass media.

For me, blog journalism is the practice of journalism on blogs, namely personal websites created on free blog provider sites, such as blogger and WordPress.

With the tips below, bloggers (owners, admin, or author) can use writing styles like journalists on their blogs so that they are easy to read, easy to understand, trustworthy, and accountable as well as journalistic works.

Blog Journalism - Tips for Writing on Blogs like a Journalist

This journalistic tips for blogging, I am sad from Hongkiat, plus more clear additions or details.

So that our writing on a blog is like a journalistic work, then posting should pay attention to the following six things:

  1. The Inverted Pyramid: Headlines & Leads
  2. Brevity & Clarity
  3. Distinguishing Opinions from Facts
  4. Fact Verification
  5. Editing & Re-writing
  6. Ethics 

The sixth is the journalistic standards or journalist guidelines in writing news in the media.

The Inverted Pyramid: Headlines & Leads

Point out the most important facts/data in the title ( head ) and the beginning of writing ( lead ). Which is less important at the bottom, it doesn't even need to be written at all!

This principle is similar to SEO techniques in the world of blogging, which is about the inclusion and density of keywords ( keywords density ) in the title, the beginning of writing, in the middle, and at the end of the text.

Brevity & Clarity

Compact and clear. It doesn't need to belong, just to the point! Don't forget, write clear, bright, easy to understand.

Distinguishing Opinions from Facts

Separate personal/subjective facts and opinions. Facts are conveyed as-is. The opinion is a personal opinion. In journalism there is the expression fact is sacred. Facts are sacred, sacred, cannot be disturbed.

Fact Verification

Check and check whether the facts are true or just an issue, gossip, rumors. Revive, not in fact.

Editing & Re-writing

Edit and rewrite the script, so the facts are correct and the selection of words and sentences is also correct.


Obey the code of ethics, such as distinguishing facts and opinions, being balanced, fair, mentioning sources if quoting data, don't copy it without mentioning the source!

That's it Journalism Blog - Tips for Writing on Blogs like a Journalist. Greeting.

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