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This is the danger of children are burdened too much homework from school!

Playing is a child's right. Ideally, children get enough time to play. Coming home from school is a time expected by children to play. Unfortunately, not all children can feel that.

If the teacher gives too much homework, the child becomes unable to play after school, homework that may require the child to keep struggling with school even if they are at home. If you are like this instead of increasing your child's achievement, too much Housework actually has a negative impact on the child.

Children Too Much Doing Homework Has a Higher Risk of Obesity

Too much burden on Housework will make children lose the opportunity to do physical activity. After school hours they also have to keep squeezing their brains to complete the homework given by the teacher. If you have this, you can be sure their stress level will be higher. If this is the case, the tendency for fat will be even bigger.

This happens because someone who is in a state of stress or lack of sleep usually tends to eat more because of the influence of hormones. This condition is exacerbated by the lack of opportunities for physical activity. If it's like this, the risk of obesity becomes even higher.

 The Housework burden that too much can cause children to get sick more easily

It's not a strange thing anymore, a lot of Homework load automatically requires longer processing time. As a consequence, children's sleep hours are reduced. Though reduced sleep hours are usually followed by a weakening of the immune system. In such conditions, children will be more susceptible to disease.

Too Much Homework Not Only Makes Children Prone to Stress, but All Family Members Are Also Affected

Under certain conditions, children sometimes need to be accompanied when doing homework. Doing too much homework does not only become a burden on children, parents or carers can also be stressed. Not to mention if the child is sick, the whole house will be bothered.

Giving excessive homework to children is not effective. Not only does it put children in conditions that are vulnerable to stress. This also has a negative influence on children's health. If this is the case, it is necessary to communicate between parents and teachers to get the right learning patterns for children.

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