The Important Ability You Hone Before Entering Age 30, Life Will Be Easier If You Have 8 Skills

The Important Ability You Hone Before Entering Age 30, Life Will Be Easier If You Have 8 Skills

Youth is usually spent having fun, filled with laughter and jokes. You feel free to do anything without fear of risk, you certainly agree that youth is the most beautiful period.

But, without you realizing it, now your age can no longer be called young. Sadly, you don't have any provisions to organize your future for the better. It's important to take advantage of your current youth as well as possible before you regret it in old age. You should have a certain skill as a savior for you in old age.

At least, you already have these abilities before you enter the age of 30 years.


Imagine, a salesman who sells roadside batteries every day. The battery is one product that is difficult to sell because not everyone needs it. Or maybe you have seen a medicine man presenting his merchandise by shouting while practicing something unique so that many people are curious to approach him.

The two people have the same goal, namely that the goods they sell are sold out. But both of them do different methods.

From the stories of salesmen and drug stewards, we can take lessons, the ability to sell or present ourselves in front of many people is very important to have. From selling, we have the courage to face various rejections from many people. Through our unique self-presentation, we can make the usual selling methods interesting so that the goals can be achieved.


Other capabilities that are no less important to have and honed our self-confidence. You will be troubled if you don't believe in yourself every day. Try to imagine that if you don't have confidence, you will always feel embarrassed every time you want to ask someone something. If you don't have confidence, you will have difficulty presenting your work to clients, and so on.

Self-confidence means we respect ourselves as humans. Confidence means you believe in your abilities. Confidence is the provision that can take you to a better place and dare to do something new even though it's risky.


Those who are happy are not without reason, they can be happy in their lives because they decide to be happy and reject sadness. Happy can be obtained by always thinking and acting positively. Life is too difficult to live, do not let yourself be in sadness if you do not want to add to the burden of life as long as we are in the world.


If you are accustomed to being independent of a young age, in the future you will get used to solving problems without having to rely on the help of others. Living independently will make you accustomed to living without depending on anyone.

If you are accustomed to being independent, you don't need to worry about adjusting to a new place because your brain and actions have been trained to be responsive to adjust and find solutions to any problems that arise in your life.


Sometimes, humans are easier to convince others than themselves. You must have encouraged your friend who was sad when he had a problem. No matter how much trouble your friend is facing, you struggle to encourage him and make him smile again.

In fact, convincing others is easier than convincing yourself. If you are in the position of your friend, you will also experience the same thing, which is feeling sad because the problem you are facing is so heavy.

Convincing yourself from within is something important to do. You will not be able to rely on the enthusiasm that comes from outside if from within it is not strong For that, always convince yourself that you can pass all the obstacles that exist.


Learning is responsible for starting from the smallest to the biggest thing about what you have done is the basic ability that you need to have. Being responsible for what you do reflects you as a person who dares to admit mistakes and then immediately correct them. Having a sense of responsibility within yourself makes you become a person who will not run away from problems before you can finish it until it is finished. This ability is a good provision for your future.


In life, sometimes we are faced with difficult choices. It would be nice if we could determine which priority should take precedence. This is so that the plan we want to achieve can go well and the end result is satisfying.

Many people who fail in the middle of the road because they cannot set priorities when they have many choices in their lives.

Instead of confusion in determining which is more important to do, many people end up not doing any work. In order for your life to be in accordance with what you want, you must be able to know how to determine the good decisions in your life, start from managing something that is important to you.

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