Because Someone's Openness to Personal Problems Is Different, and We Should Respect Each Other

Because Someone's Openness to Personal Problems Is Different, and We Should Respect Each Other

Our comfort in establishing a relationship with someone is basically supported by the existence of many similarities and likes that we have, but it cannot be denied that there will also be a phase where we are faced with differences in each other. If there is someone who can casually be able to tell all the things he feels to others, on the other hand, there are also people who have never been able to openly speak to people, even the closest people.

Not that he does not believe in other people, but indeed there are people who are not able to speak openly to others. Yes, we must respect any reason behind that attitude.


Someone who is always cheerful and easy to smile even almost never shows sadness or any problem does not mean he is happy every day. The silent attitude he showed and did not want to tell stories did not mean he did not trust orangutan, but indeed for some, there were some things he did not want to share with anyone. Because for him the problem he was experiencing was only his and there was no need for anyone else to know.

Maybe some people will choose to tell stories and it can reduce the burden, but on the other hand, there are people who choose not to tell stories carelessly. Choosing the right friend as a listener is a good decision, and even some people who choose to be quiet don't want to tell anyone. We do not need to feel offended because indeed every individual has their own way of personal problems.


One thing we need to remember is that each person has his own reasons for all attitudes and behaviors that are shown, as well as openness and closed attitudes that someone shows for his personal problems. They choose to be quiet because there may be some things they consider and maintain. Whatever the reason may be for them that's the best.


People who are difficult to open up usually need time to themselves, think about the problem calmly and then find a solution in their own way. They are not accustomed to being able to talk directly to when there is a problem and are more likely to remain silent even though there are problems


And in the end what we have to do to address someone's attitude like this is only able to respect his decision, not to go away and stay away from him, we must maintain good communication with him. Because not everyone we think is close to us can be comfortable with us as we feel comfortable with it. Because there is a point where someone really needs himself for all the problems he faces and has.

As long as it doesn't interfere with our relationship with him it is fine, we can go through the day as usual. Because knowing someone doesn't mean we know all the stories and stories of his life. If possible, we are people who are very easy to open themselves to tell others, but not everyone we know can be comfortable with us as we are.

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