Between the Culture of Socialities and Social Media that are Increasingly Oblique Next

Between the Culture of Socialities and Social Media that are Increasingly Oblique Next

Technological progress is increasingly becoming a day. The development and progress are also very rapid. This certainly has its own impact on the human environment.

There is a positive there is a negative. That's the impact of the increasingly advanced development of technology on this earth. It can be said that almost all inhabitants of the earth use and utilize technology.

The sophistication of technology itself is increasingly becoming more attractive. Bah, sexy girl, beautiful, good. Heart who is not interested and falls in love with him.

We can see this from the many and not uses of technology. Certainly and surely the comparable percentage if compared is ten to one.

One of the emergences of advances and developments in technology is increasingly rapid, and many users are social media. Or what we often call the term "social media" (social media).

Social media itself appears to have been going on for a long time. And the users are also not small. Popularity and so many users, lately social media has emerged a lot.

Starting from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and so on. This brings its own effect or impact.

As I mentioned above. There is a positive there is a negative. Positive makes it easy for us to share information and share data with each other. Chatting and others.

However, in this increasingly crazy age, many users of social media are getting tilted. As a result, the pluses and mines of social media itself are compared to more of the interests. So it's not balanced.

It is true that social media is a forum for sharing information and news. However, what if the fake news is presented or is famous for the name "Hoaxes" ?.

Now, we can see it for ourselves with our eyes. How the news that blames here blames there. Until it creates a division of division from unity and unity, a loyalty of state pluralism.

In fact, consciously or not, we are sometimes the culprit. But, it all depends on the users of social media itself.

What's worse, if you are addicted to virtual social media. We cannot enjoy real social life. Examples of chatting and chatting together.

A normal sight, if there is a human association. Whether there are three or more people in one room. They cannot enjoy the pleasure of being together.

The program is honestly used to share stories, talk directly, instead become a quiet event. Because they are more likely to enliven the social media that he uses.

So the conclusion is the balance between sociality and social media is very far. If said, the scale is one-sided.

Indeed, no one forbids and there is no harm in using social media in cyberspace. However, at least we don't abandon the culture of sociality in the real world. []

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