This is how life is not haunted by debt

This is how life is not haunted by debt

You must be included in one of the people who ever owned. Although the amount is small and only to a friend still it's called debt. When we owe, the most frequent cause is because we run out of money or there is insufficient money.

Why is that so? Debt can be caused by many factors. One thing is certain, life will not be able to calm down if you continue to be haunted by debt, especially if there are large amounts and lots of interest. So that life is now more comfortable and debt free, consider these tips.

In essence, you must be smart in managing finance

The cause of the accumulated debt is because you are not good at managing finances. Poor financial arrangements are not only done by men but can be experienced by women. Good money management can help you avoid losses and debt. When you get a monthly salary, you have to set priority. Examples of financial arrangements for you who are still single.

 Examples of everyday arrangements above can be applied if you have a simple lifestyle and can control your appetite every month, do not like to party and eat in luxury places. In addition, there are no credit card bills or other bills.

Choosing a boarding house that includes water and electricity facilities also helps you save more. With this arrangement, you can still do alms for people who are less able and can still buy new clothes every month with a price range of no more than Rp150 thousand.

Stop Using Credit Cards When Shopping

One reason for spending and debt to swell is to always use a credit card when shopping, especially shopping monthly. Especially if you are the type that is consumptive and cannot control the desire to shop.

Using a credit card is easier, but it can be disastrous if you can't pay the bill in full. Not to mention the credit card interest is high if you are late paying, you have to pay bills + fines + interest and other fees. Duh!

Cycling to Work, Why Not?

Now, one way to be more economical is to use transportation modes free of charge. Can walk or bike. Besides saving, this activity is also healthy for the body.

If the distance to the residence is a bit far from the office, generally people will prefer to ride bicycles. Cycling provides another advantage, that is, being able to get to the office faster. The sleek bicycle body and the special path of the bike will make you get to the office faster!

Be Careful In Shopping Monthly

Don't be easily trapped with discounts offered at supermarkets or minimarkets. Discounts are usually applied when the store wants to spend the stock quickly, is nearing the expiration date or because there is a new stock of goods so that the old goods are sold at huge discounts.

The thing you have to pay attention when looking at promo items is the quality. It's no secret if discounted items generally have lower quality than non-discounted items.

As a result, instead of frugality, it is wasteful because a few months later the shoes or pants you buy are quickly damaged and dirty. Finally, I have to buy it again a few months later, even though shoes and pants are items that can be used for a long time.

In addition to paying attention to product quality, see also the expiration date on the food. If the expiration ends tomorrow, you should not buy it.

Don't be seduced by long-term installments with a smaller payment nominal

There have been many people who have been deceived and tempted by offering low installment fees and long payment terms. If you choose this option, you could say the decision you took is not right. If you choose this option, you will spend more money and the lender will get a lot of money.

For example, like this, you borrow money at a bank of Rp100 million for a period of 5 years. Then the costs that you have to repay per month should be around Rp1.7 million.

Not yet added interest. If you add interest, for example, 1 percent interest, this means that the total cost you have to pay to the bank is Rp1,716,000. In a period of 5 years (60 months), you will pay around Rp102 million.

How, right? It is still a count in flat interest, if the interest is float or floating, of course, the amount that must be paid is not necessarily cheaper or more expensive.

If your life does not want to lose money and continues to be overshadowed by debt for years, you should not be tempted to credit goods. Pay by paying off the items you want. If there is not enough money, be patient and hold on to your desires until the money is actually collected.

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