Want More Respect for Others? Don't Be Scared To Recognize Your Mistakes And Stop Pretending To Be Perfect!

Want More Respect for Others? Don't Be Scary To Recognize Your Mistakes And Stop Pretending To Be Perfect!

Every human being wants to be appreciated by the people around him. The existence of humans as social beings, makes it require acceptance from others. Even the need to be respected is something that cannot be ruled out.

The question is about how you make other people appreciate you more. Showing your perfect figure will certainly make you appreciated by others. But in this case, you will be rewarded only because of your face mask. Of course, this won't last long. Because basically, humans are imperfect creatures.

Pretending will make you uncomfortable living life. How long can you be like that?

Make others more respectful of you in a wiser way. No longer hiding behind your pretense mask will make you more comfortable living your life. Stop pretending to be perfect. Live the day according to your abilities, show your true nature and character. But still, do the best for the people around you. Make them comfortable with you. If you like this they will definitely reward you more.

Doing wrong will make you more grateful for life

When you make a mistake, then people slowly move away from you, you will be more grateful for your happy time. You will begin to understand that being together with people who love you sincerely is a moment that money cannot buy. Even when you are enjoying your happy moments, you will be more careful in stepping so you don't fall into the same mistakes again.

Recognizing mistakes will motivate you to continue to be a better person

Life is a continuous learning process. While humans are still alive, the process of ups and downs will continue to occur. People who want to continue learning will get lessons from every moment that occurs in their lives. Even if you admit a mistake, you should be able to take lessons from the event. Moreover, your efforts to become a better person will be proof of the extent to which you regret your mistakes.

Recognize mistakes, make you a humble person. Why be arrogant when people often still do wrong?

Confessing mistakes will remind you of the nature of humans as imperfect beings. At least by acknowledging your mistakes you no longer incarnate into someone who is pretentious and feels right. Control your ego and make other people feel comfortable when you are near.

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