When a Comfort Zone Can Make You Work Better, Survive or Leave?

When a Comfort Zone Can Make You Work Better, Survive or Leave?

Surely you often hear the phrase "Do not linger in the comfort zone, then it will not develop".

A motivational word so that we are not too long in the comfort zone. Many interpret the comfort zone as something that will make you feel less developed and lazy. Why? Because the comfort zone means we do the same thing continuously without any intention to change the pattern to develop.

But is it really wrong if we are always in the comfort zone we are doing right now? We are still confused about defining what we have done wrong or right.

A writer named Megan Dhaum in his book "The Unspeakable and Other Subjects of Discussion" argued about the comfort zone. According to him, the key to life satisfaction lies in your life's success as much as possible within the boundaries of your comfort zone.

For example, if you are not an expert at repairing a damaged computer, do not force yourself to learn to repair a damaged computer.

Be the best person in the field that you like, for example being an expert about finding the best but cheap and quality computer service experts. You can also become an expert on information about where to sell trusted computers so that your damaged computer can be sold and replaced by a new one.

Comfort That Actually Appears When We Have Found the Balance between Passion and Reality

Comfortable zone, often depicted by someone lazing on a soft sofa without doing anything. Is that right?

In reality, where are there people who have done nothing in their lives? Feel comfortable without any responsibilities and obligations that must be met. Are there people who really feel comfortable in these conditions? Unemployment only wants to get a job quickly.

The comfort zone is not a lazy zone, but a zone where instincts to work is balanced with other realities in life. Even though at this time the effort that you have done is not quick to make you a wealthy person, but if you already feel happy and find inner satisfaction, it is the same as you have been successful in your life.

All about how to make use of zones that are lived as much as possible.

Instead of being afraid of facing challenges, but being in a comfort zone has become part of life

Someone who is in a comfort zone is often equated with people who do not want to accept challenges in life. Those in the comfort zone are often considered not developing.

Even though, even though you are in a comfort zone, you never stop to improve yourself to be better. The main key to achieving a happy life is to recognize the potential that exists within yourself, what you really want, what you are willing to sacrifice, how far is consistency and can withstand the various pressures that exist.

In the end, the business you do is tantamount to being done by people who call themselves "brave to get out of their comfort zone".

You Can Focus on Being the Best in Your Comfort Zone

There is a big difference between people who do not dare to pursue dreams so that they remain silent in a comfort zone that is actually uncomfortable with those who have found comfort so they refuse to follow other people's standards of success.

There is nothing wrong with being in a comfort zone if you can succeed in your own way. The point is not afraid and never give up.

Comfort is one of the things to be grateful for. You don't have to go through extreme or tortuous paths to achieve your own success. Everyone has their own success stories. Maybe you are a person who includes achieving success in a safe way.

You can actually focus on all your potential to be the best person within your comfort limits.

Some Successful People Can Succeed Even though they Are In the Comfort Zone

If you don't believe that people who are in a comfort zone can succeed, you can see Lionel Messi. How much he loves his football club FC Barcelona, ​​so from a very young age he has never moved to another club. Consistency and perseverance made him able to successfully become the best football player.

There is also Walt Disney whose name we still hear today. In the past, he had been rejected many times and was considered a person who could not draw. But, because he really likes what he does in the world of images, he continues to do it because he feels comfortable.

If you feel comfortable with the current conditions, just continue. Because when you find comfort in what you are doing now, you will do it wholeheartedly.

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