Because Youth Comes Only Once, Don't Hesitate to Spend Your Failed Ration Now

Because Youth Comes Only Once, Don't Hesitate to Spend Your Failed Ration Now

Young age is a precious moment that will determine the future of our future. Some people are competing to do a lot of crazy things during their youth, but some choose to keep quiet about the routines that are only in front of their eyes.

Basically, every policy and decision that we take in life will actually determine how our life picture will be in the future. Although there will be many decisions that lead to failures that we get, that means your share of failure also decreases too.

But we need to know that being trained to take a decision from a young age will lead us to other major decisions that cause no less great. Fear of making decisions is often seen as a scourge for most young people, but it also should not necessarily make us choose to remain silent in the comfort zone without daring to make new decisions.

Don't Focus Too Much on Results, Look at the Process

A good picture is always our final goal for everything we do in life, as well as the decisions we make while young. But in reality, there will be many failures from the various decisions we make. Therefore do not be too focused on good results that we dream of seeing how great the various processes that we have gone through.

Because that process is slowly transforming us into a wiser figure because in fact there will be many lessons that we can conclude from various processes that we will not find at any school or campus. That's the process of life!

Dare to Challenge Yourself for Things You Have Never Done

Our courage in youth will obviously affect our lives later. The more decisions end up failing, the greater the chance we will succeed in the days to come. Our habit to challenge ourselves on new things is one form of courage that we must grow in ourselves since young.

Although it does not always produce good results, it will still provide a few lessons for our lives. Fear of failure does make sense, but it would be ironic if it was used as an excuse to cover up fears of things that had never been tried before. If you continue to fear trying, then when will we start?

Look for the Passion You Really Want, Don't Sleep in the Comfort Zone 

Never stop to apply something that is indeed your passion, chase it and make it something worthy of being considered by other people even though sometimes most people still don't understand it. But you can prove it by determining your career and way of life according to your desired passion.

Yes, this will be the right time because young age is a time when we will be actively determining the life choices that we will live later, out of the comfort zone that the world has to offer. Instead of regretting in the old days, you should immediately find your passion now and prove that you have the right to live a better life later.

Start Socializing with Many People to Build Connections

Having lots of friends will lead you to new experiences, even positive and negative effects will be consequences that you will inevitably receive from the process. But as long as you can limit yourself to negative things, having lots of friends will certainly help you to build connections that will someday be useful and make your life easier. This is not only beneficial in the present, but also for the long term, even later in the old days.

Prepare Yourself with Investment and Self Ability From Now to Provision in the Old Age Later

Youth often makes us sleep in the pleasures offered by the world, and often makes us forget that we also need to prepare for our old age. Preparing an investment from a young age to old age is something that we must do, besides that, we also have to always prepare and evaluate the ability of ourselves for new things to come according to the progress of the times and technology in the future.

Try to open your eyes, see everything from a different perspective. We will be surprised by facts that we never thought before, a critical soul from within will be challenged to be able to know new things that the world will offer you. At this point, we will understand how this life will continue to proceed.

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