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Love to the World, in the Qur'an

Humans live in the world, and of course, need the world. That is why, when Allah commanded that humans achieve what God has given in the form of the Hereafter, at the same time, Allah appealed to them not to forget their parts in the world.

"And look for what Allah has given you (that is) the land of the Hereafter, and do not forget your part from (the pleasure) of the world." (QS Al-Qasas: 77)

He also said that "He created what is on this earth, everything for you, (O people)." (QS Al-Baqarah: 29)

In fact, He also said, "Say, (O Prophet Muhammad) 'Who wants to forbid the jewelry of God that He has issued for His servants (ie, which He has revealed by inspiring humans to desire beauty, express and create, then enjoy it, both in order to cover up what is bad for him or to add to his beauty) and (who also forbids) that is good from sustenance? '

Say, 'He is for those who believe (and also who do not believe) in the life of the world, (but he will be) specifically (for those who believe only) on the Day of Judgment.' "(QS Al-A'rāf: 32)

So, it is not forbidden for someone to reach the world for their survival. But what is needed is not always to be loved.

Early in the morning the Messenger of Allah. has reminded, that love for the world is the base of every mistake. And you must turn away from loving him.

Love for the world is to spend time only on the world, or prioritize the world and put aside the hereafter. You can't love the world, it doesn't mean you have to hate it.

Not loving by hating is something different. Not loving is not dependent on it. Whereas hating is leaving it or hurting it.

The world is a necessity, so put it in hand. Don't love and put it in your heart. Thus, a person will not feel heavy if, at any time he loses, it also will not feel heavy to devote.

In the surah, Thāhā Allah says, "(Allah asks), 'What is in your right hand, O Moses?' He (the Prophet Moses) replied, 'He is my staff, I lean on him, and I beat him (leaves so that they fall) for (being eaten by) my goats, and for me, there are other purposes related to him.'

He said, 'Throw it, O Moses!' Then Moses threw his wand, so he immediately became a snake that crawled quickly. He said, 'Take it (the snake) and don't be afraid, We will return it to its original state (to be a stick again).' "(QS Thāhā: 17-21)

Some interpret this verse with a metaphorical interpretation. He said, what is meant by "stick" is "the world". When God asked about him, Moses very confidently answered that question, with the answer actually exceeding the question. Then God told him to throw his staff, which is his world.

And suddenly the stick became a scary animal. When faced with trees, it is engulfed without remainder.

When faced with rocks, the stone was located and Moses heard how the rock cracked by snake chewing. Such is the picture of how dangerous the world is. When Moses was told to take it back, he was reluctant.

Moses was scared. "Take it, don't be afraid!" God again told me. Moses remained reluctant. Fear. Only then did the Lord say, "Take it, I will return it to its original form, you will be safe." Namely, take your world back, and put it in your hand. He will not be dangerous as long as you do not put it in your heart.

Life in this world is only for a moment. This world, from the very beginning, was created until it was destroyed, only like people who slept in a flash. Then in his dream, he saw some he liked.

Once awake, it turns out he did not see anything. A minute. Or he is like rain which is sent down from heaven to earth, to fertilize various plants.

Then the plant dried up and blown away by the wind. So foolish is the one who loves him. There, in the Hereafter, there is a far more eternal pleasure that God has provided for those who are willing to reach it.

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